Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Dream, After Notley

(Or some sort of lounge) (it’s very dark)
(‘cause they have) (these two women in) (white dresses)
(I tell her that I) (have just) (and she says)
(it happened to me too) (and I ask her) (when)

(and she says within) (a day) (and she says I know)
(the woman) (we move over) (to these couches) (we
start touching) (I notice that) (she’s a fish) (she’s a fish woman)
(she’s been transformed) (her body’s flat and) (her eyes)

(are almost drooping) (I know she’s from the ocean)
(I tell her) (that you look like you’re) (a sea creature)
(offend her) (by calling her a fish) (home) (and there’s
a string) (with a little sign) (and I can’t

read it) (I know it means) (you can’t come in)
(there’s a key-in code) (but I don’t) (want
to try) (because I think) (something bad) (would
happen if I) (enter)


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