Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Progress" Reworked

“This is Progress” Reworked

Coursing contradictions abound,
yet too many are content
so no one makes a sound.

Political, ideological banter and bargain
Record profits, pleasing voters, and hollow jargon.

These men tinker with all things monetary,
calling shots quite unnecessary
and it’s more than a little scary.

Their words and actions do not match.
Based on their track record, we just might crash.

OK, OK, they do have to make difficult choices,
like “Baby, what color should we
repaint the Roll’s Royces?”

The hypocrisy of their philosophy is evident.
Subjugate, separate, and show little relent.

Is it two parties or just two faces
both hiding the machine’s long history of disgraces?
They argue, “debate,” and misinform,
It is a pertinent and unfortunate norm.

Global commerce, poverty, and corporate deals,
The flow of money is what the masses feels.

The verdict has been dealt: we cannot let greed win.
So people call your neighbors, call your kin!
If we work together, we can
Take down this unyielding media spin.

-- EPK

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